By Wares April 24, 2018 Industry news

In the news: Key Service snaps up Paul Wynne, news from Amazon, Apple and new product from D-Link.

A Wynne-Wynne situation - After 15 productive years with Sunbeam, Paul Wynne (right) decided back in March that it was time for a change. Time to take a few weeks off and consider just what he wanted to do with his future. An outplacement and exit coach would be the first steps to the "next phase". However, before he could even plan a break or meet with the coach, he took a call from Steve Meek of Key Service and the ensuing meeting resulted in Paul accepting the role of Senior Account Manager responsible for Braun at all levels. “It’s a position which ticks all the boxes for me,” he tells us, “and it also enables me to continue in an industry which is in my blood.” Paul's email is and you can find out more about Braun here

Wi-Fi extender with mesh capability - D-Link ANZ has launched the AC2600 Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1860, left). It can extend the wireless coverage of any Wi-Fi router, however, when paired with a D-Link PowerZone enabled router or modem router, DAP-1860 enables a mesh solution with a single network name across the entire home, creating a seamless, high-performance whole-of-home Wi-Fi experience .Find out more here

Sales of Apple HomePod slow? - Far from wishing to be a harbinger of bad news, we're hearing from several sources that Apple has pegged back production of its HomePod smart speaker. Take this Fast Company article which recognises that although the reviews have it that HomePod sounds great, it isn't any smarter than the cheaper options. As with the nay saying that went on around Apple Watch, only time will tell. Find out more here

Amazon keeps it simple, stupid - Amazon has now rolled out its new “International Shopping” experience within the existing Amazon Shopping App (right). The concept of this new service is quite simple: it’s designed to facilitate even more international transactions from outside the US through Amazon by (1) only showing products that ship to the user’s country of origin and (2) displaying prices in local currencies (including NZ Dollars!), along with import duties if applicable. Both these options were already available online but now it’s pretty much incorporated into the user’s mobile experience as soon as they download the app, sign in and choose the appropriate territory. Find out more here

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