By WARES December 20, 2018 Phones, Mobile Devices & Portable Audio

Foldable displays? Meh... Mega-megapixel cameras may be the next big thing in smartphones for 2019.

With the recent rumour that Xiaomi plans to release a 48MP Redmi smartphone in early 2019, some online pundits are suggesting that Megapixels size may be the new battleground in the smartphone arena.

Giving credence to this idea, the Huawei P20 was released with a 40MP sensor in May and Sony’s IMX586 48MP smartphone camera sensor was released a few months later.

Samsung and Huawei too have indicated they will step up to the 48MP mark next year.

This isn’t the first time that numbers of that size have been seen in this market, however.

Nokia’s PureView 808 boasted a 41MP camera back in 2012 but, by all accounts, the phone and the camera’s supporting software were underwhelming.

In the years following, 12-16MP camera models have been favoured by manufacturers with more emphasis going into multiple cameras, faster autofocus speeds and 4K recording than higher resolutions.

The latest sensors may change all that though, with smaller form factors and better support software showing great potential for improved zoom quality and greater performance in low light conditions.

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