By Wares February 25, 2018 Heating & cooling

A round-up of some of the latest local and international heating and cooling category news.

Healthier homes ahead?

December 2017 saw the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act become law.

This amends the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 “with the purpose of ensuring that every rental home in New Zealand meets minimum standards of heating and insulation”.

Find out more about the new law and what it could mean for your business in the coming years at the shortened link below.



Take a deep breath…

2017 also saw changes to the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NES).

The new rules required Cantabrians to replace wood burners over 15 years old or that were non-compliant to more efficient Low Emission Burners or the even more efficient Ultra Low Emission Burners (ULEBs).

Things will get stricter still in January next year with changes coming into effect that require all new fires in specified areas in Canterbury to be ULEBs rather than low emission models.

Changes like these have also been taken up in other areas around the country with sales of more efficient models responding well in these locations.




Dimplex Micathermic Heater

Glen Dimplex has a new range of micathermic heaters, said to be the only products in the New Zealand market with heat direction selection, allowing users to place the heater tight against walls and furniture without the risk of overheating. The Dimplex 2.4kW Black Micathermic features a 2.4kW output, 24 hour timer, electronic climate control, integrated cord storage, silent operation and 30% more efficiency than comparable oil column models.


Ixl Fresco Aurora Outdoor Heater

New from IXL, the Fresco Aurora Outdoor Heater offers dimmable task lighting, mood lighting and infrared heat in one stylish unit. Fresco Aurora is designed to suit most verandas and balconies and can be suspended from flat or gabled roofs. Made from anti-corrosive aluminised steel it will last well even in coastal areas. Two 1,000 watt carbon fibre medium wave infrared lamps power the heat from this unit while high quality reflectors direct 95% of the heat downwards to prevent heat waste. Fresco Aurora can be controlled by a smart phone app for Android or iOS or with an optional remote control.


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