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Just announced: Dyson takes over from Avery Robinson in New Zealand.

In surprise news today, we hear that, from May 2018, Avery Robinson will no longer be the Dyson distributor in New Zealand.

A new company, Dyson New Zealand, was incorporated on 15 January.

In a statement, Dyson says: "To forge a closer relationship with its owners, Dyson will dedicate in-house resources to ensure that consumers have even more access to the most advanced technology.

"Dyson recognises New Zealand as a key growth market and plans to invest heavily in the local marketing and sales teams as well as in-store to deliver new category growth to New Zealand retail partners in the long term."

“We wish to thank Avery Robinson for the role it has played as Dyson’s distributor since we began trading in New Zealand,” says a Dyson spokesperson.

“We’re excited to further strengthen the relationship between Dyson, our owners and retail partners in New Zealand. With this development, we are taking another important step in Dyson’s transformation to become a leading technology company in New Zealand."

To ensure an orderly handover, Dyson and Avery Robinson are working closely together to ensure there is a seamless transition.

This involves Dyson and Avery Robinson visiting retailers together to inform them of the process moving forward.

These meetings will commence early February.

Last year, Avery Robinson celebrated 20 years as the Dyson agent in New Zealand with both a shift to new premises and new ways of getting product to market.

There was also a key change in the company’s structure.

Key Accounts Manager Glenn Clancey (above left) was invited in May 2017 to become Sales Director, joining co-founder Mark Robinson (above right) as business partner and shareholder in Avery Robinson.

From a roster of just three 20 years ago, handling every aspect of the business, from unloading containers and warehousing, through to servicing, dispatch, sales and admin, Avery Robinson currently numbers 21 staff.

We'll bring you more on the changeover detail in due course.


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