By Wares June 18, 2018 Small domestic appliances

Breville's clever new slow cooker is now available here while overseas, Midea debuts some high powered commercial induction cookers.

Slow cooked when you need it - Along with the Searing Slow Cooker, Breville is also offering the new Temp Select Slow Cooker (BSC420BSS). This 6 litre, stainless steel model has slow cook, simmer and warm up features with a digital display and easy to use timer settings to ensure your slow-cooked meats can be set whenever you want and be ready to plate up whenever you need them.


Cooked in a flashAt this year’s National Restaurant Association Showcase, Midea showed off its new range of commercial InductoFlash cookers (photo right).

These models offer longer operation and higher efficiency compared to home use induction models with five power settings from low-heat stewing to a 3,500W full power mode that can boil 7.5 litres of water in 11 minutes.

These hardwearing, easy to clean units come in flat and curved models for use with woks and include built-in cooling fans, overheating sensors and 24-hour timers.


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