By Wares March 15, 2018 Industry news

Your daily news boost: Electrolux takes over the NZ Herald, Westinghouse smalls are coming and more...

Westinghouse-branded smalls coming soon - New Zealand-owned Prolink Asia is set to bring Westinghouse-branded small domestic appliances into New Zealand. It's also looking forward to reviving the Criterion furniture brand using overseas manufacturing. The Westinghouse brand is being licensed from Electrolux. Find out more here

The robots are taking over - To boost the next phase of the Pure i9 robovac launch, yesterday Electrolux took over the NZ Herald website's home page with its own content and advertising... "Fake news"? Possibly. Bad news for the opposition? Certainly... Check out yesterday's "news" in the image here:

Apple Music gains ground - At SXSW, Apple has revealed that Apple Music has accumulated some 38 million paid subscribers globally (with 2 million added just in the last month). That's still just a bit more than half of Spotify's paying adherents but it's also probably a faster growth rate... The gap is closing. Read more here

"Jarring" January for Aussie retailers - Thanks to "timid" post-Xmas spending, figures released by the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) show that Australian retailing grew just 2% year on year, well below expectations. Find out more here

It's frothy man - Tonight we'll be at the formal launch of Nespresso's latest "one touch" machine the Lattissima One (right). Its USP is a new fresh milk system and it's more affordable and compact than its predecessor. Find out more here

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