By Wares May 31, 2018 Industry news

Armed with a new range of kitchen utensils, Brett O'Neill and Kiwi brand Click Clack were recently at the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago.

Led by Innova Products’ Group Sales Director, Brett O’Neill (seen below at the show), wanting to expand into the broader housewares category, Click Clack has designed a range of innovative, price competitive cooking utensils to occupy a "unique aesthetic position in a saturated market".

The new kitchen utensils offer a feminine and elevated design style. Whilst creating a unique aesthetic cue across each gadget, the decorative die-cast end cap serves as not only a means to hang or store each gadget, but also provides weight to the end of each handle, which creates a well-balanced tool, ultimately enhancing in-hand feel and performance, says Click Clack.

The successful launch of the new range has allowed the food storage specialist to reposition itself as a broader homewares brand as it looks towards new channels for continued growth and diversification.

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