By WARES November 12, 2018 Heating & cooling

Dyson launches its Pure Cool purifying fans into New Zealand.

Dyson's late October NZ launch of its Pure Cool purifying fans started with an expert panel discussion featuring sleep science coach Jane Wrigglesworth, indoor environment and buildings specialist Professor Robyn Phipps, and Chief Executive of the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation Letitia O’Dwyer.

The panel was hosted by Dyson ambassador Makere Gibbons and discussed the links between sleep, overall health and indoor air quality and addressed the main misconceptions New Zealanders have about these issues.

Media were then shown the features and benefits of the Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans by Dyson engineer Jess Rowley which included some interactive bubble blowing designed to show off the effectiveness of the product!

As well as cooling and improving circulation, the product is designed to automatically purify the room, capturing gases and 99.95% of ultra fine particles.

With the products' easy to read LCD screen or via the Dyson Link App, users get an idea of how well the product is working with real-time information on the level of VOCs, Nitrogen Dioxide, pollen, mould, humidity etc present.

The new Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans come in a large tower format for floor placement and a small desk format for worktops.

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying fans are available now in white and silver.

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