By WARES September 17, 2018 Major appliances

Miele's latest washers are full of new features to save water, power and time.

Miele’s new WCE 330 washing machine (above) features a SingleWash feature as part of the PowerWash 2.0 technology found in Miele’s latest W1 series washing machines.

SingleWash is designed for consumers wanting to wash just one or two items using as little as 1-2 litres of water per kilo.

Miele PowerWash 2.0 also features Spin&Spray technology that dramatically reduces both water and energy usage while shortening cycle times.

Plus, the new W1 Miele series washing machines have an easy-to-use ComfortSensor display, while select models are Wi-Fi-enabled and may be connected to the home wireless network using the Miele mobile app, without any proprietary hardware.

Miele has also recently debuted its new WT1 Washer-Dryer series (right) which offers exceptional efficiency, style and convenience, plus the space-saving practicality of a washing machine and dryer in the same unit with a load of laundry completely washed and dried in less than three hours without any manual intervention.

Even the detergent is dispensed automatically!

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