By Wares April 05, 2019 Industry news

Nilfisk announces it will exit its New Zealand consumer business, although professional products will continue.

Yesterday, the market was taken aback to hear that Nilfisk will be exiting its Pacific region consumer business, including New Zealand, following a global strategic review of its consumer business.

In this respect, a short statement from Nilfisk Investor Relations says: "The strategic review is now completed with the conclusion that Nilfisk is the best owner of the consumer business as this brings the most value to Nilfisk’s shareholders. Going forward Nilfisk will continue to focus on optimizing the business."

Sadly, part of this optimisation is that Nilfisk (sold here under the Tellus brand for so many years) will be quitting the New Zealand consumer market.

Indeed, the local company said yesterday: "The decision follows a thorough process where Nilfisk has assessed the future direction for the company's consumer activities. 

"It has been decided to create a more targeted business focused on the core consumer markets in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa)."

The timing of Nilfisk's exit from the New Zealand market is unknown at this stage and, until this time, Nilfisk states it's "business as usual – meaning that we will continue to deliver on all existing orders and new orders" and that the decision will have no impact on current service and spare part agreements.

Nilfisk's decision to exit the consumer business here will not affect the Pacific region professional cleaning solutions operations. 

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