By Wares December 14, 2015 Home entertainment

A round-up of some of the latest local and international home entertainment category news.

Simply the “best headphones in the world”?

Sennheiser’s successor to the legendary Orpheus (photo above) is a new super high-end electrostatic headphones that offer an “unprecedented audio experience” and will be handmade using carefully selected, luxurious materials and highest quality craftsmanship. Almost 25 years after Orpheus, the HE 1060 headphone/HEV 1060 Vacuum Tube Amplifier will “surpass every other headphone system in the world”. All this has its price of course: €50,000 for a true flagship product.


Interdyn gets Ortofon for ANZ

Interdyn has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Ortofon hi-fi products in Australia and Ortofon hi-fi and DJ in New Zealand, effective November 2015.

Describing Ortofon as the world’s leading turntable cartridge manufacturer, Interdyn Brand Manager Leigh Fischer says: “Interdyn is delighted to be the Australian distributor of Ortofon hi-fi and New Zealand distributor of Ortofon hi-fi and DJ. We look forward to growing what is already an established and well respected brand.”

Ortofon Export Manager Lars Thejl says Ortofon is equally excited by the new partnership: “I am really pleased to work with such professional people in Australia as Interdyn. It is a pleasure and I am sure that we will all enjoy some really good business together.”

Interdyn has already received the first order including a huge variety of models – Ortofon products are suited to a range of turntable brands including Pro-Ject Audio, Rega, Thorens, Michell, Clearaudio, Linn and Music Hall – up to the seriously top end flagship MC Anna (see photo).

Interdyn also distributes OPPO, ProJect Audio, Rotel, Polk and other well-known hi-fi brands


Bits & pieces from around the traps

Apple Music coming to Sonos – From December, Sonos smart speakers (www.sonos.com) will become the first wireless products to stream from the Apple Music app; a beta has been out there for a wee while but now Sonos has nominated 15 December as the “go”: date.

Apple Music also comes to Android! – Related news that Apple Music (www.apple.com/nz/music/) is now available to Android device users! This may be a quick fix to bolster Apple Music user numbers (6.5 million paying users) or a long term play to engage with the other half of the smart device market? Spotify currently has 20 million paying users and 75 million active users while Pandora has 78 million active users at the last count.

Watch TVNZ on your PS3 & 4 – TVNZ OnDemand (www.tvnz.co.nz/ondemand) is not only now viewable on PlayStations 3 and 4 but a new OnDemand app will be also soon become available in the Windows Store (easily found in the start menu of Windows 10).

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