By Wares December 14, 2015 Major appliances

Panasonic New Zealand has expanded its home appliance offering with the introduction from the end of November through Harvey Norman of new built-in kitchen appliances. Initially including built-in ovens, compact combination ovens and induction hobs, the new range has been designed to form a complete, integrated kitchen solution using Panasonic’s own energy-saving technologies but without sacrificing performance.

The Built-in Ovens have a wide-range of practical features including smooth-gliding, extendable telescopic shelves for easy access and more space inside, and up to 80 options in the Auto Menu function to calculate cooking times based on weight, food types and heating modes. Other features include Ultra-Cool soft closing doors and Easy Clean technology, including a Pyrolytic self-cleaning system and a highly-durable Catalytic liner break down greasy build-ups while cooking.

The new Compact Combination Ovens (oven + microwave) grill, steam, heat or combine functions to achieve perfect cooking results, feature Panasonic’s unique energy-saving Inverter technology for precise control, a spacious easy clean flatbed design and clear and user-friendly LED controls.

The new Induction Hobs, available in 600mm and 900mm, have a FlexZone design which can accommodate cookware of different shapes, whilst still distributing heat evenly. Their Genius Sensor+ technology delivers quicker and accurate temperature controlby measuring the temperature of the cookware, instead of the temperature of the cooking surface, and automatically adjusts temperature levels. The new hobs also only heat up when in direct contact with cookware and automatically switch off if empty cookware or cooking utensils are left on the cooking zones.

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