By Wares December 16, 2015 Small domestic appliances

A round-up of the latest in the small domestic appliances category.

Blooming marvellous concepts

Chosen from 1,500+ submissions from around the world, Bloom, by the UK’s Jordan Lee Martin, is the winner of this year’s Electrolux Design Lab contest.

The theme for 2015’s Electrolux Design Lab was “Healthy Happy Kids” targeting innovative ideas for products, accessories, consumables and services across cooking, fabric care and air purification.

Billed as “the most efficient kettle in the world”, Bloom is a concept that uses existing technology in such a way that it bridges the gap between digital and practical education by encouraging good kitchen habits in a fun way. See the video below:

Bloom harnesses wasted steam and hot water to carry out multiple tasks across its three “pods” – a washer & steriliser; a miniature greenhouse & air purifier; and a steam cooker. When attached to Bloom’s docking base they can be controlled via a smart device or the kettle’s hub.

Bloom acts like a thermos, sustaining water temperature so that it can deliver steam and hot water more efficiently. Its exterior acts as thermal resistor, ensuring surfaces cannot harm a child.

“Based on real needs and clever use of existing technology, this aesthetically pleasing concept has potential for multiple use, which will inspire, teach and interact with kids both emotionally, digitally and physically”, says Lars Erikson, Senior Vice President Design at Electrolux and Head of Jury.

The second prize went to Airshield, a baby stroller that creates a pure and clean microclimate, by Dominykas Budinas of Lithuania. Third prize went to QH, an air purifier and hula hoop in one, by Jeongbeen Seo of South Korea.

The People’s Choice Award went to Weaver (see photo), a fascinating concept that would organically colour and repair damaged fabrics, by Larissa Trindade from Brazil, which received 4,300+ public votes on the Design Lab website.


Smeg’s retro ranges get their own platform

Smeg 50s Retro Style line kitchen appliances will soon have their own unique website. From early December, will be the place to see the full collection and will offer special launch pricing to boot.

Launched at the Auckland Homeshow, where there was “huge interest” and many pre-orders taken, the first stock will arrive just in time for Christmas. 

The 50s Retro Style family ranges from refrigerators now through to the latest generation of Smeg Small Domestic Appliances and will be in-store and online from mid-December.

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