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By Wares December 21, 2015 Profiles of Success

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Panasonic now brings its Easy Home Monitoring system to New Zealand stores, offering Kiwis an affordable and fully customisable home monitoring system for their home, bach or small business with a massive range of options available.

Unlike traditional home monitoring systems, Easy Home Monitoring has no monthly fees or contracts and is easily set up and used without the need for professional installers. Rather than just setting off an alarm, the system focuses on notifications and direct monitoring via smart devices, putting a wide range of fully customisable controls directly into the hands of the user, whether they are on the couch, or out of town.


How does it work?

Users simply plug in the hub device, download the free app (iOS or android) to their smart device and follow the simple onscreen instructions to complete setup. The hub then connects to a Wi-Fi internet connection while devices connect to the hub via secure DECT technology for up to 300 meters away. Users can then monitor and control the system with the app on their smart device anywhere they have a Wi-Fi, or mobile data, internet connection.


What does it offer?

Consumers can customise Easy Home Monitoring to the specific needs of their lifestyle with packages that combine the hub with a range of devices.

Two cameras are available in the Easy Home Monitoring system: the KX-HNC600, a rugged waterproof indoor/outdoor model that can be placed up to 300 meters away from the hub for outdoor monitoring; and the KX-HNC200, an indoor camera that includes a temperature sensor. Both cameras feature night vision, motion sensors and a microphone and speaker for 2 way communications.

Other devices available within packages, or as add-ons, include:

  • Window/Door Sensor (KX-HNS101) receive alerts when a door or window has been opened. It can also let you know if doors or windows have been left open when arming the device, saving return trips for second guessers.
  • Motion Sensor (KX-HNS102) compact and discrete unit that detects motion in interior rooms with low or high sensitivity options.
  • Smart Plug (KX-HNA101) – turn any plugged-in electric device on and off using your mobile device. Users can also schedule automatic on/off timing for lamps, TVs, and radios to give a “lived-in” look while away.


What can you do with it?

  • Keep track of people or animals coming or going, at all times, inside and out, from almost anywhere. Watch and listen in real time, or record up to 200 hours of footage for later viewing.
  • Monitor your baby or stay at home pet for ultimate peace of mind. You can talk to them too! Control your home from the palm of your hand, whether it’s turning on a heater on the way home from work or turning off a lamp without getting out of bed.

The Panasonic Easy Home Monitoring system is available now through major retailers with new devices available in the new year including Indoor Siren, Water Leak Sensor, Glass Break Sensor, and many more to come.

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