Feedback on our "future of independents" article

By WARES TEAM June 30, 2015 Industry news

Feedback on the article which we ran in our April issue has ranged from resigned affirmation to steely indifference. The following is just one example and pulls no punches:

"The problem with independents is they focus on bulk buying and scale as the solution and not generating the competitive advantage created from a different market position. The discipline to make this happen needs to be in the  member agreements and group structure whether it is franchise or a cooperative.

"The balance between large and small members with regards to fees and dividends and voting rights all needs to be well balanced and equitable and the board and management need to have a clear responsibility that cannot be interfered with by the stakeholders. They tend to be short sighted and greedy and the architects of their own demise.

"An independent group will never beat a chain store by trying to outbuy them. The notion is ridiculous, they have too many heads making the decision and don’t collate the funds or establish the warehousing to do so."

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