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Lashings of style and presence at EuroCucina

A little after the event this year, we caught up with BSH Home Appliances’ Darryl Robinson to get his take on EuroCucina, the high style Milan kitchen show.

“We went there because it was the initial public celebration of Gaggenau’s 333rd birthday. We took some customers with us, had a good look around and it was interesting because it was so different from IFA which we go to every year and it was a nice counterpoint.”

How does EuroCucina compare?

“The emphasis is very different – it is truly a furniture fair. I mean we found halls the size of the ASB Centre just full of chairs! Or just acres and acres of bathroom gear. But the appliance and kitchen side of things was actually quite small compared to the rest of the show, whereas you go to IFA and it’s all appliances.”

What were his takeaways in terms of style, aesthetics, the type of products? Obviously the joinery and the overall look is the main thing?

“Yes, and there is so much variety in that respect. I saw for the first time a bench with a lever on the side that raises the whole bench up to whatever height suits you best – it takes the hob, the sink and the tapware with it. Really clever. We also saw some really innovative joinery in the way it utilised space and the lighting was also very different.”

Any other takeaways that could have an impact here in NZ?

“From the kitchen side of things I certainly saw colour variations starting to come through and was impressed with the tactility of a lot of the kitchens. There was a lot of rough-hewn timber and a lot of natural materials being used for example.

“Some of the things we took away were small, like the lighting in the kitchens which was very bespoke and very cool. But you could also see major style trends in the total kitchen that we won’t see here for a couple of years.”

See the photos above to get a taste of this high style show!


Very clever, very connected – Innit?

While some cooking appliance brands are happy using their own expertise to aid the cooking process and simplify or enhance the cooking experience for their users through technology and built-in hints and recipes, others are bringing in “cook-tech” from outside.

For example, in the last issue’s Major Appliances section of Category Manager, we found GE Appliances using IFTT to add functionality to its connected appliances.

Now we hear that Whirlpool has been working with Innit, a new company that, through its cloud-based platform, “connects food to appliances, devices and users” (photo above).

Innit’s chefs, nutritionists and engineers uses cutting -edge food science and technology to help people manage and prepare food. The Innit platform can identify and measure food using sensors in the kitchen, recommend recipes based on inventory, and “automatically execute expert cooking techniques” on connected kitchen appliances.

To make this real, in June it was announced that Whirlpool, starting with Jenn-Air branded Wi-Fi connected ovens, would offer the Innit platform to consumers as a way to access thousands of digitised recipes, based on personalised dietary and taste preferences.

Says Innit: “Consumers will be guided by intuitive step-by-step preparation instructions, and with just a few clicks, will be able to cook with chef-level quality on their Jenn-Air connected oven. Cooking is tailored to the weight, temperature and type of food, helping insure great results with no guesswork.”

Innit’s recipes and step by step guide will appear both on the oven’s display and on the consumer’s smartphone and consumer trials will start late this year, with availability on all Jenn-Air connected wall ovens planned for the first half of 2017.

Starting immediately, however consumers can get a taste of the joint offering in live demos and cooking classes on Jenn-Air products, offered exclusively at the Pirch retail showroom in New York City.

Miele Levantar Downdraught Extractor

Miele New Zealand has introduced its first downdraught extractor (Levantar DA 6890) for installations where a ceiling extractor may be impractical or undesirable.

When switched off, the 90 cm wide Levantar is almost fully concealed – all that remains is a narrow glass trim which houses the controls and matches the design and functionality of the other built-in products in Miele’s Generation 6000 range like the Miele KM 6381 panoramic induction hob. When the extractor unit is switched on, a motor-driven canopy rises from the worktop. Fitted with dimmable LEDs to illuminate the cooking area, Levantar can be used in recirculation or vented mode.

In addition, the motor casing can be connected in various positions, giving a wide range of installation options. And, with the addition of a conversion kit, it is even possible to install the motor remotely up to 7m away from the extractor unit.

Award Remote Motor Rangehoods

Recently launched under the Award brand, remote motor rangehoods are proving very popular. Having the motor installed away from the kitchen space means noise is kept to a minimum, while good extraction performance is not compromised. The motors are typically installed remotely in a ceiling or roof cavity or, using a specific motor encased in a stainless steel weatherproof body, can be installed on an exterior wall. The motors are equipped with a 5.5m cable which simply plugs into the chosen hood. Compatible hood designs include a 90cm wall mount canopy (model PPS802 RM) with soft touch controls, timer and clean-air function, washable aluminium filters and LED lighting. Extraction rates for the remote motors are specified at either 1000cbm/h for the internal motor or 750cbm/h for the external options. Performance will vary, depending upon ducting length and layout.

Bertazzoni Cooking Appliances

Award Appliances has introduced the “elite” Bertazzoni cooking brand here in New Zealand. The Professional Series freestanding ovens “bring the authentic experience of Italian cooking to the heart of your home. In either 90 or 120cm widths with gas or induction hobs, these precision engineered ovens are specified with brilliant features, exceptional reliability and durability to ensure the definitive cooking machine. Finish is provided in either stainless steel or a vibrant selection of high gloss Italian colours like Arancio/Orange or Rosso/Red.” says Richard Cocks, MD of Award Appliances.

Also now available is the stunning La Germania range (see photo), designed to fit in with smart urban living, this range will bring a timeless quality to any kitchen with its clean lines and enduring character. These freestanding models have multifunction electric ovens with a choice of either gas or induction hobs and a number of beautiful colour options to suit any environment.

ILVE Built-in Ovens

A feature of this new range called CHEF-assist centres on a colour touchscreen with smart control panel (available in 11 language settings), enabling 35+ preset recipe modes, with automatic cooking times, weight presets and the ability to automatically change from Degrees to Fahrenheit, making recipe temperature conversions and control easier than ever.

When it comes to temperature control, ILVE’s unique Tangential Ventilation System (TVS) smartly circulates air around the oven to protect the kitchen cabinetry, activating and disengaging as required, ensuring minimal energy consumption and maximum oven efficiency.

The new oven range also offers more cooking space than its predecessors, a new ULTRA-clean, light grey, nickel-free enamel interior (easy to clean and reduces the toxicity of the materials that come in contact with food as it is cooking) and new S-MOVE soft closing door technology.

Other key features include: thermo-reflective glass in the panoramic oven door; Bio-Safe Glass Enamel for a smooth, impervious, glossy finish; one-piece oven cavity with no joins or welds; removable back panel for easy access to the fan; quick-release, telescopic, dishwasher safe oven side racks; high temperature Pyrolytic self-cleaning mode; and a fume catalyser, to help carbonise any unpleasant or unwanted odours created during self-cleaning.                  

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