By Wares February 23, 2016 Small domestic appliances

A round-up of some of the latest local and international small domestic appliances category news.

Making coffee too humdrum these days? Get scientific about roasting!

Found on Kickstarter, but possibly an opportunity for someone here, a product out of the UK, the IKAWA Home Roaster (above), means you can not only control your own roast recipe but do it from a smartphone.

The start-up already supplies micro-roasters (IKAWA Pro Roaster) to coffee professionals around the world, but the latest product is aimed at consumer coffee connoisseurs.

Controlled by a dedicated app, the micro-roaster will follow IKAWA’s roast recipes precisely. For the more adventurous, the app will also allow users to change the roast’s duration and temperature and even alter the airflow in the machine to create their own flavours.

To complement the machine, IKAWA has a range of finest quality green coffee beans from origins such as Burundi, Ethiopia, Brazil and Guatemala, renowned amongst coffee connoisseurs for their distinctive flavour profiles.

Selling direct to consumers and aiming at deliveries from May this year, the IKAWA Home Roaster will sell for £600 or £650 with 12 packs of green coffee.


Smalls prices to grow? - We are hearing rumours of price increases from some of the small domestic appliance brands. Due we hear to both tough trading conditions and the state of the Dollar, these price increases will probably have hit by the time this magazine appears on your desk.


Aldi to shake up Aussie smalls? - Just as German supermarket chain Aldi ( has been shaking the tree when it comes to the Australian FMCG sector, we hear it’s being equally aggressive in small appliances. Having opened its first stores in suburban Adelaide with a special Super Blend 1000 juicer-blender for AU$69.99, more recently the chain had been pushing a 23L microwave for AU$79.99 and a 12L toaster oven for AU$34.99, both bearing the Ambiano house brand that Aldi carries around the world.


Breville Thermal Pro Electric Frypans

Food prepared in a frypan is best when evenly cooked. But how do you get even heat at different temperatures to please a crowd? How about Breville’s new Food Thinking probe – an electric thermostat and an optimally engineered heating element which ensures even heat distribution and temperature control across the entire cooking surface, meaning precise temperature settings to sear, simmer, sauté, pan fry and keep warm?

The Thermal Pro Stainless Steel (BEF560BSS) Large Banquet Frypan with 2400W Optimal Heat Distribution is constructed from aluminium bonded to 18/10 stainless steel for optimal heat retention and efficient transfer. The stainless steel cooking surface has a non-stick coating and also comes with a 25-year guarantee. As well as Variable Temperature Control, a pan tilt lever allows fat and juices to drain from food, and the steam vent hole in the toughened glass lid allows the insertion of a meat probe. Both frypan and lid are dishwasher safe and come with a trivet for steaming and roasting.

Also new is the Thermal Pro Non-Stick Large Banquet Frypan (BEF460GRY), also with 2400W Optimal Heat Distribution, thick aluminium construction for optimal heat retention and efficient transfer to cooking surface. To make cleaning easier, this frypan is treated twice with a premium PFOA-free non-stick coating. Lid, Variable Temperature Control, additional features and accessories are as above.

The Thermal Pro Banquet Pan Non-Stick Extra Deep Frypan (BEF250GRY) has a 2200W element for cooking large casseroles, bolognaises or preparing a whole meal. Lid, Variable Temperature Control, additional features and accessories are as above, but the construction is cast aluminium with cool-touch handles, a non-stick cooking surface and dishwasher-safe toughened glass lid with adjustable steam vent.

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