By Wares July 07, 2016 Retailing

New Kiwi-designed Heineken LIVE app uses GPS and iBeacon to find your next watering hole and then rewards you.

Using information captured by GPS and iBeacons, installed in 120+ outlets across New Zealand, Heineken LIVE users accrue Heineken Status Points and Venue Points each time they go out to a Heineken venue.

Points are based on the number of times users are within range of an iBeacon.

Through the app, Heineken LIVE users may receive "big ticket" surprise experiences, rewards or opportunities such as VIP event tickets, exclusive access to events and food and beverage vouchers.

Over $500,000 worth of rewards will be on offer for the first six months.

Heineken will be the first in its category to use and implement iBeacon technology to this scale and in such a unique way.

Auckland-based company, Rush Digital, worked with Saatchi & Saatchi to develop the app.

The basis of an idea or food for thought for some large scale national retailers?

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