By July 28, 2016 Industry news

Amazon launches Kickstarter Collection on Launchpad. Does it make getting into cool new stuff early a safer bet?

"Customers can discover more than 300 Kickstarter products available for purchase on in one convenient location, including everything from smart herb gardens to virtual reality headsets and more".

Thus says Amazon about Kickstarter Collection, its latest clever marketing move.

Launched last year, Amazon Launchpad has worked with 100+ venture capital firms, startup accelerators, and crowdfunding platforms to help more than 1,000 startups launch products in the US, UK, ChinaGermany, and France.

Amazon Launchpad offers startups a "streamlined onboarding experience", custom product pages, a comprehensive marketing package, and access to Amazon’s global fulfillment network.

It will also take these products straight to a much, much broader audience. Clever.

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