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In the light of the forthcoming closure of Hamilton retail icon Forlongs, Terry Forlong sends out his thanks to the industry:

"We would like to thank our suppliers for their support of our family business over 70 years.

"Many suppliers have a long term partnership with Forlongs, working with four generations of the Forlong family and helping to build Forlongs reputation over many years. Through various economic climates and challenges, our relationship with suppliers has helped maintain our customer loyalty.

"We have partnered with our suppliers to provide the best service to our customers and drive higher customer satisfaction and retention rates. Forlongs relationship with suppliers has directly impacted upon the customer experience.

"We are truly grateful to our supplier friends. On behalf of the Forlong family, I would like to say how much we appreciate the time spent on our business and the relationships built over many years.  It is now time to say farewell as we have reached the end of an era for Forlongs.

"We are thankful for the many years we have had serving the Waikato community and working with some amazing people."

Terry Forlong, Managing Director, Forlongs Furnishings Limited


At this time Forlongs is running a closing down sale to clear stock until 31 March, after which time the Forlong family will stay on to operate the store and company website until all stock is cleared. 

On behalf of the industry, speaking for ourselves and those of our readers who have enjoyed relationships with Forlongs, while we are very sad to see the store close and wish the Forlong family all the very best for the future.

The photo above neatly sums up the Forlongs storyTerry Forlong (left) and father Ivan are seen here in 1982 with a Mrs Stephens, who had returned to the store to trade in her B&W TV, bought 20 years earlier, for a new colour set. That's what we call a customer relationship!

Read the full Forlongs story, from inception to 2012, here, or download the PDF here.

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