By Wares May 06, 2016 Heating & cooling

A round-up of some of the latest local and international heating and cooling category news.

Glen Dimplex Micathermic Heaters

Glen Dimplex has expanded its range of micathermic heaters with new feature-rich models added to its Cadiz brand like the 2kW Black Micathermic Heater with a 7-day timer and thermostat and the more powerful 2.4kW Micathermic Heater with Electronic Climate Control and a 24-hour timer .

Unlike most micathermic heaters, says Glen Dimplex, users can direct the heat to where they need it rather than radiating to all sides, thereby increasing efficiency making it an excellent alternative to both fan heaters and oil column heaters.

Being able to set the heat direction also means the heaters can be placed against walls with the heat facing inward for a safer environment, smarter heat usage, and greater floor space. These models also heat faster and are 30% more efficient than oil column heaters. Both models feature integrated cord storage and silent operation.



Fujitsu Heat Pumps & Filters

Fujitsu General continues to pioneer the new R32 refrigerant technology with an expanded e3 range of heat pumps – the e3 Design series. Fujitsu has now managed to combine R32 efficiency with super-slim design – the new series is only 185mm deep.

Fujitsu brings a wider range of heat pumps to the channel with innovative features such as quiet mode outside (as well as inside), advanced healthy air filters and human sensors alongside more compact and elegant designs. Fujitsu now has a choice of 10 e3 hi-wall Heat Pumps with R32 refrigerant, offering a range of capacities from 3.2kW all the way up to 10.3kW.

Fujitsu is also happy to announce that its Catechin filters have been approved to be part of the Sensitive Choice Programme, which means that those products can now carry the blue butterfly symbol.

The programme has been designed by the Asthma & Respiratory Foundation to help asthma and allergy sufferers identify products that may be a better choice. In which respect Fujitsu is also the only heat pump brand recommended by Asthma New Zealand.


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