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A round-up of some of the latest local and international major appliances category news.

Appliance demand to increase in developing nations

The World Major Household Appliances study from Freedonia suggests that global demand for major household appliances is forecast to increase at a 3% yearly rate through 2019 to 445 million units.

Refrigerators and large cooking appliances are typically the first appliances purchased once personal income levels reach a sufficient level, followed by washing machines.

“Because of the relatively large numbers of these products already in use,” says analyst Kyle Peters, “market advances through 2019 will not be as strong as those expected for freezers, dishwashers, and clothes dryers.”

The study also noted that In general, developing countries will post the fastest increases in major household appliance demand through 2019. And that China will remain the leading purchaser and producer of major household appliances in 2019.


Electrolux launches energy efficient professional fridges

Electrolux in Europe has launched a range of professional refrigerators and freezers that meet stringent new European energy-efficiency requirements long before the rules come into effect (see photo above). The initiative is based on studies done by the Electrolux group that show that professional restaurants could save as much as 40% in energy just by installing new equipment and changing routines in the kitchens.


Bosch Series 8 Dishwasher

Following on from the news that Bosch has been named the number one brand for dishwashers worldwide according to a 2015 Euromonitor survey is the release of the new Bosch Series 8 dishwasher.

Boasting a number of sophisticated features including AutoBrilliance, ActiveWater, LoadSensor, AquaSensor and EcoSilence Drive the Series 8 dishwasher range gives better results than ever before. From recognising the quantity of dishes to the level of soiling, this clever technology knows the exact volume and temperature of water required for the ultimate clean.

A larger filter surface area allows for better circulation while the EcoSilence Drive brushless motors are some of the most silent in their class.


Miele KM 6381 Powerflex Induction Cooktop

To give even greater flexibility, especially when cooking on a large scale, Miele New Zealand has introduced the KM 6381 induction cooktop that features four PowerFlex zones arranged in a row. This “panoramic” design allows pots and pans to sit side-by-side in easy view, making it most convenient to access the deepest of pots or cook in the broadest of pans.

KM 6381 also features elegantly beveled glass edges, in preference to the more traditional stainless steel frame. Like other Miele PowerFlex models, the technology of the KM 6381 gives extremely uniform transfer of heat to the base of pots and pans as the arrangement of induction coils below the ceramic glass screen is virtually gap-free. This allows the steady transfer of energy to the food creating the ideal conditions for perfect cooking results.

Other features such as DirectSelection Plus sensor controls with integrated timers and Stop&Go function, as well as the powerful TwinBoost function, are also included.


Neff Slide & Hide Ovens

Now that Neff products are available through Kitchen Things, Kiwis can get hold of its smart Slide&Hide ovens. The door’s Slide&Hide feature allows easy access for larger trays, while the bevelled steel handle is ergonomically designed to rotate smoothly as the door opens, remaining fully accessible even as it tucks away beneath the oven.

Easier access also allows for flexible cooking, letting cooks baste, taste and monitor food easily during the cooking process and by removing the hot oven door from your kitchen space, you eliminate the chance of burning hands or arms by accidental contact. With better access to the oven cavity, it’s also easier to lift out heavy or large items, avoiding the dangers of drops or spills.


Panasonic Refrigerators

Panasonic’s new premium range of refrigerators combine elegant design with innovative energy-saving technologies. Available in white or a stainless steel-type finish, these new refrigerators have a sleek and modern design.

Full-flat double glass French door models feature a large 547L capacity, a spacious full-extension bottom freezer drawer for smooth and easy access and a Vitaminsafe vegetable case to enhance nutrients and keep produce fresher for longer while Full-flat glass door models are available in 450L and 407L capacities.

Features included in the many of the new models include:

  • Prime fresh freezing technology which keeps meat and fish fresh, without freezing them.
  • Ag Clean anti-bacterial and deodorising technology eliminates mould, bacteria and odours.
  • Electrostatic touch control panel for complete control over settings and temperature levels
  • Panasonic’s energy-saving ECONAVI and Inverter technologies designed to save consumers money and energy, whilst delivering cooling performance.

Features vary depending on model with stainless models generally having more features than white models. All models however feature surround cooling, which evenly distributes chilled air from the rear panel throughout the refrigerator for gentle cooling and to maintain a constant temperature.



Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator, Addwash Washer

The new Samsung Addwash combines the energy efficiency of a front loader with the versatility of a top loader. By adding a second door into the main door, extra laundry items or more detergent can be added at any point during the wash cycle thus addressing a major bugbear some have with front washing machines.

Addwash features SuperSpeed, enabling the completion of a normal wash in less than an hour, without compromising on washing performance, Bubblewash technology that pre-mixes detergent with air and water, for gentler fabric care and a Digital Inverter motor for superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and longer-lasting performance.

Also new is the Twin Cooling Refrigerator, whose Twin Cooling System controls the refrigerator and freezer independently, allowing the easy conversion of the freezer into a fridge for more flexible storage options. The system also offers 70% humidity, allowing for preservation of fresh ingredients for longer without drying out and Energy efficient Digital Inverter Technology that automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demand


Schweigen Rangehoods, Insinkerator Waste Disposers

New to Parex’s Silent Kitchen range of efficient, quiet products are rangehoods from Schweigen and waste disposal units from Insinkerator.

The Schweigen models solve noise problems associated with rangehoods by removing the motor from the hood and installing it outside the home. This ensures silent extraction in your kitchen. The highly-efficient German IsoDrive Motor uses all its energy for extraction rather than pushing air up against gravity. This lets the rangehood concentrate on silently removing large volumes of cooking steam, smoke, grease and odours.

The Schweigen UM422G-12S for example is a stylish cassette rangehood that can be installed into a bulkhead or the ceiling and boasts four speed levels with an easy to use remote control. Perimeter aspiration, delay timer with auto shut-off, six halogen lights, dishwasher safe filters, a 3 year warranty on canopy and 10 year warranty on the Isodrive motor. Motor options include the Powerful External Motor (1600m3/hr), Twin Powerful External Motor (3000m3/hr) and Extreme External Motor (3200m3/hr).

Insinkerator’s Evolution 200 model has three stage grind MultiGrind and SoundSeal Plus technology making it the company’s most powerful and quiet model yet. The Evolution 200 has the largest capacity stainless steel grinding chamber (1180ml), a micro-processor to deliver more power and a built in air switch. This American-made product comes with a 6-year warranty

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